HIRAX Discography

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HIRAX CD/ALBUM - ALL releases are available in vinyl format:

Immortal Legacy CD/12" vinyl - 2014, SPV, Nuclear Blast Records  BUY NOW!

El Rostro de la Muerte — 2010, Deep Six | Black Devil
Noise Chaos War — 2010, Thrash Corner| Black Devil
True Thrash Fest DVD live in Japan — 2010, Rock Stakk
Split 7" "Raging Thrash' HIRAX w/Violator (Brazil) - 2010, Deep Six | Black Devil
Thrash and Destroy DVD — 2008, Selfmadegod | Deep Six | Black Devil
Split 7” HIRAX w/F.K.U. (Sweden) — 2008, Deep Six | Black Devil
Chaos and Brutality EP — 2008, Black Devil
V/A Thrash Metal Warriors — 2008, Selfmadegod | Deep Six | Black Devil
Assassins of War EP -- 2006, Deep Six | Black Devil
V/A: Louder Than Hell — 2005, Six Weeks
Thrash ‘Til Death DVD – 2005, Deep Six | Black Devil (available with "The New Age of Terror")
Not Dead Yet — 1987, (Reissued via Deep Six | Black Devil 2005)
The New Age Of Terror — 2004, Deep Six | Black Devil
Barrage Of Noise EP — 2001, Deep Six | Black Devil
V/A: Thrash of the Titans — 2000, Know
El Diablo Negro EP — 2000, Deep Six | Black Devil
Split 7” w/ Spazz — 1997, Pessimiser/Theologian
Blasted In Bangkok Demo—1987, Self-Released (Reissued via Deep Six, 2000.)
Blasted In Bangkok 7” — 1987, Lautrec
V/A: Best Of Metal Blade, Vol. 1 — 1987, Metal Blade
Hate, Fear And Power — 1986, Metal Blade
Raging Violence — 1985, Metal Blade
Angelican Scrape Attic 7” — 1985, Earache
V/A: Metal Massacre VI — 1984, Metal Blade
Demo — 1984, Self-Released

APPEARANCE: "Get Thrashed" DVD


ARTWORK / illustration DESIGNED BY: Rafal Wechterowicz

HIRAX "Satan's Fall" and F.K.U. "Twitch of the Thrash Nerve" - split 7" vinyl\


•HIRAX "Thrash Metal Warriors" TRACK: "Chaos and Brutality"
•BARRAGE OF NOISE 2001 CD/10" red vinyl
•HIRAX 4-song demo (1984)
After this came out our lives were never the same.
This demo features Katon and Gary.
It is night and day when you put it side by side next to Raging Violence.
Traditional Metal…nothing like what HIRAX became.
We are proud of this tape though. It shows our roots.
•METAL MASSACRE VI COMPILATION (Metal Blade Records/Roadrunner, 1984)
Featuring ‘Bombs of Death.’ The first song we ever wrote with the line up from Raging Violence. "THIS TAPE IS DEDICATED TO ALL THE HEADBANGERS WORLDWIDE...STAND AND BE COUNTED!"
• BEST OF METAL BLADE, VOL. 1 (Metal Blade Records/Roadrunner, 1987)
Features ‘Call of the gods’ off of Raging Violence.
We didn’t even know about this record until one of our friends bought it at a record store and showed it to us. This is before they had spell check…they spelled the title wrong. ('Call Out to the gods). We have no idea what year it came out.
We were probably too drunk to care.
1 "Chemical Warfare" - Slayer
2 "Tempter, The" - Trouble
3 "Plunging To Megadeath" - Hallow's Eve
4 "Be My Slave" - Bitch
5 "Necrophiliac" - Slayer
6 "Circle Of The Tyrants" - Celtic Frost
7 "Brave, The" - Metal Church
8 "Blower" - Voivod
9 "Cry Out To The Gods" - HIRAX
10 "Death Rider" - Omen
11 "Evil Has No Boundaries" - Slayer (live)
12 "Apparition, The" - Fates Warning
13 "Ruby Eyes" - Omen
14 "Fear Beyond The Vision" - Nasty Savage
15 "Give 'Em The Axe" - Lizzy Borden
16 "Disciple" - Attacker
17 "Child Of The Damned" - Warload
18 "Red Rum" - Lizzy Borden
19 "Damnation" - Fates Warning
20 "Fear No Evil" - Trouble
21 "Look Of Death" - Pandemonium
22 "Listen To The Preacher" - Tyrant
23 "Posers Will Die" - Thrust

• ANGELICAN SCRAPE ATTIC 7” flexi (Earache Records, UK Import 1985)
This is the first record ever to come out on Earache Records, England. We never knew what impact this record would have on the underground punk and metal worlds. We were the only American band on this record. It made us proud. Very rare: 5,000 pressed. • RAGING VIOLENCE, LP (Metal Blade Records/Roadrunner, 1985) (12" vinyl reissue via Black Devil & Deep Six, 2005) The record that started it all for us. Good and bad memories. We were young kids, drunk off of our assess and messing with a lot of different substances.
We listen to the record to this day and we realize it even more…
Boy, were we burning the candle at both ends.
• HATE, FEAR AND POWER mini LP (Metal Blade Records/Roadrunner, 1986) (12" vinyl reissue via Black Devil & Deep Six, 2005) The band had been through a lot at this time. Under pressure from the record label to put out some new product HIRAX released this mini LP. It was the last record we would do for Metal Blade. To this day I don’t think Metal Blade knew what to do with us. We weren’t your typical band, so we stood out like a sore thumb. We accomplished exactly what we had wanted to do. We didn’t want to fit in. We wanted to do our own thing.
•BLASTED IN BANGKOK demo tape (1987) 3-song demo (15:20) included lyrics sheet:
1. Fear the War Within 2. The Beginning of the End 3. Dying World (SHOCK)
Recorded the day after Katon's 23rd birthday. We did the whole thing in 6 hours, including mixing. We were always amazed at how much money it took for some bands to record their records. Or maybe we just didn't know any better.
• BLASTED IN BANGKOK 7" (Lautrec, 1987) (Reissue via Deep Six, 2000)
HIRAX broke up (we had no money), but still drunk ...had a European friend of ours offer to release two songs from our Blasted in Bangkok demo. It was the first release on his new label Lautrec. We didn’t have a record label at the time but we still had a loyal fan base for some reason.
• NOT DEAD YET CD (Metal Blade Records/Roadrunner, 1987) (Reissue via Black Devil Records, 2005) Back when this came out nobody even knew what a fuckin CD was. The record label only gave us four copies: one for each band member. We don’t even know how many were made or for how long it was in print. All we know is that it is very, very rare.
• NOT DEAD YET - 12 " Picture Disc (Metal Blade Records/Roadrunner, 1987)
The story about the picture disc is almost the same as the Not Dead Yet CD. We don’t know much. We just know that the records are out there. For collector buffs: the artwork for Raging Violence album cover was done by Pushead. And the artwork done for Hate, Fear and Power was done by Mad Mark Rude. The official HIRAX logo was originally designed by Tom G Warrior.
• Spazz/Hirax 7” (Pessimiser*Theologian, 1997) Some friends of ours in a band called Spazz had mentioned doing a split 7”. It was the unreleased song from the Blasted in Bangkok demo sessions ‘Dying World’ (Shock). This record somehow found it’s way into a whole new generation of underground music fans. Later on we would realize it was the spark that brought the band back together. We would like to thank everybody involved with putting this record out. You made us proud.
•EL DIABLO NEGRO 2000 - 3 song CD/7"picture disc
•Thrash of the Titans - featuring HIRAX - 'Slit Your Wrist' - 12"vinyl (Know Records - 2001)
• BLASTED IN BANGKOK Reissue - 2001 - 10" white vinyl/CD
• PHANTASM "Wreckage" CD/12" clear vinyl
Featuring Katon W DePena - HIRAX vocals with original Metallica bassist Ron McGoveny
and Dark Angel drummer Gene Hoglan (before he played with Testament, Death and Strapping Young Lads). 6-song demo. Plus a very rare 9-song concert,
"Live at Oddfellows Hall" Phoenix, AZ. March 28, 1987